Enduro Race Ještěd

Liberec | 15° 0' 35.096" E 50° 44' 14.416" N
On-line registration until 05.08.2020

The ski resort with its bike park is located in the close vicinity of the city Liberec where the 2009 Nordic World Ski Championship took place. The race takes place right under the iconic TV tower. The bike park due to its location close to the borders is in ideal location for German and Polish riders.

There is up to six measured stages which are located in the bike park as well as on the natural trails. They offer perfect combination of bikepark, rocky and soft trails in the woods.There are two categories for race and hobby riders, both categories use a chair lift for one or two transfer stages

Rock Machine Enduro Race Ještěd

Roll call: Liberec, Ještěd (bikepark)

Saturday 8.8.2020 –  14:00 - 17:00

Starting fees

Fees 15 years and more

on-line: 34eur
on the spot: 42eur (*cash only)


Race U21M 17-20 years
Race Elite 21-29 years
Race Men 30-39 years
Race Men 40 and more
Race U21W 17-20 years
Race Womens 21 and more

Hobby Men 15 and more
Hobby Womens 15 and more
Hobby Men 40+ 

Start: At 09:00am Hobby category and then Race 

Finish: bikepark Ještěd

Time limit: 4h30min

Refreshment station: Will be provided by Nutrend in the events base.

Service: KOLOFIX tent in the base of the event.

Ceremony: 16:00 in the base of the race.

Compulsory supplies: helmet (we strongly recommend integral helmet/endure helmet allowed), spine guard or a backpack with a certified spine guard is compulsory. It is possible to only use your own bike and components which have to be carried around at all times. Help from others is not allowed.




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